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Put our expertise to work for you. At Soda Routes USA, we are proud to have received the following feedback from our customers:

My father and I have purchased over 75 locations and are extremely satisfied. The guys at Soda Routes were great to assist with any problems we encountered, and continue to provide support.

-Mike, N.K.C., MO

I built my route up to around 20 machines, then had to relocate to Saint Louis. I made a nice profit on the sale and a nice profit along the way. I plan on doing another route here in St. Louis.

-Don, Tampa Bay, FL

After receiving my 401k and looking for the best bang for my buck, I purchased a 50+ route and I was amazed with the results. AWESOME LOCATIONS! These guys know what they're doing. Highly recommended!

Mike, Spokane, WA

​I have worked with Soda Routes for the past couple of years and have expanded my route to around 60 machines. The price got cheaper for each 10 I bought and they have been great to do a diligent job in getting me good locations and keeping the route as close to my residence as possible. I plan on being at 100 machines by the end of the year.

Mark, Overland Park, KS

I have done business with Soda Routes for a few years now and they are always available to assist with any problems I am having. They have done more than I really expected them to. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to get into vending.

Joe, Branson, MO

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