How Does it All Work?

  1. The paperwork is completed at which time one half the total purchase price is due in the form of a cashiers check mailed to our office or by credit card payment.
  2. An account is established for you with one of your local bottlers (it is very difficult to establish this relationship and if not for our background in this field and currently having accounts with most bottlers it would be extremely hard to arrange). Some input will be needed from you during this time including application information along with your delivery location. This process can be as quick as 1 week but can sometimes take as long as 3 or 4 weeks (2 weeks average usually). As soon as you receive your account #, we will be ready to proceed to step 3.
  3. Our call center will start acquiring location agreements with the individual locations in your area. These location agreements will be emailed to you and will also be turned in for installation. All pricing, product requests, machine size, machine location, special instructions, etc. are listed on these agreements to ease in preparation for the installations.
  4. The second payment will be due after receiving the allotted amount of location agreements agreed to in the purchase agreement (viewable on the “packages” page). After receiving the final payment, your remaining location agreements will be sent to you along with being turned in for installation.
  5. You will place your order for product to be ready to fill your equipment when the installations occur. We will also assist you in what flavors and quantities you need to order.
  6. You are notified of an “install day” for your equipment. You will have already received our video link on “how to fill your equipment” and we will have a member of our company on standby to help you through the process. It is relatively simple and usually occurs without complications.
  7. Return to your equipment every 7-21 days (depending on volume) to restock your machines.
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