Snack Machines

Snack machines can be very profitable, especially when accompanied in the same location by your soda machine. Keep around half of all the money you collect and purchase your products at your local Sam’s Club. Snack machines also enable you to solicit larger locations. Locations with more employees will usually always have both a soda and a snack so in order to acquire their business, you must offer both machines.

If you are interested in placing snack machines along with your soda machines, we will solicit locations that are “worthy” of the investment required in supplying snack machines. 3 or 4 placements could be expected for every 10 soda machines that are placed. Snack machines basically come in 3 different sizes including 3 wide, 4 wide and 5 wide. The size of the machine would be determined by space available in the location.

Our pricing is very competitive and your equipment would be in excellent refurbished condition, cosmetically and mechanically. Pricing for new snack equipment can be as high as $4,500 but our equipment ranges from $1,300 to $2,500 depending on availability. There would also be an average cost of around $200-$350 shipping for each machine you purchased.

Your equipment would be delivered directly to your locations and your only responsibility would be moving the equipment from the dock area to the designated location for the vending equipment. This can usually be done by utilizing a pallet jack that most locations already have.

All equipment will have locks/keys and be accompanied by a 60 day warranty. If you choose to supply your own equipment, a $400 one time fee would be due for each placement.

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