Soda Machines & Equipment

We only use the newest, most modern equipment available to cut down on repairs and to make any break room more attractive. Here are some of the models that may be available.

Basic Machine

These are basic new or near new Coke/Pepsi bottle machines. Usually made by Dixie-Narco or Royal. Machines like this would cost around $4000.00 apiece to purchase (not using our program).

These machine hold 8 selections and are equipped with a $1 and $5 dollar bill changer. There is programming inside these machines that keeps track of each sale made.

Bevmax Machine

These are the newest vending machines offered from Coke and Pepsi, called the 'Bevmax'. It holds up to 50 selections from cans and bottles to juice and sports drinks.

These attractive machines are a little bit harder to pry away from the bottler, but are still a possibility when you have a worthy location. These machines are easy to fill and do not require vend strips.

7up Bevmax Machine

Here is another Bevmax model, provided by 7up. Check out our "Products" page to see all the exciting products offered by 7UP!

Snapple Machine

Tea products are very popular year around, but this 'Snapple' machine can also vend all your other favorite 7UP products!

Machine Equipment Details

  • Products are changed by removing the old product, filling it with new, and changing the "vend strip" to the new product.
  • The dollar bill acceptor stacks the bills and is easily accessed by removing the stacker to retrieve your bills.
  • Most machines are equipped with a "plug lock" and are easily accessed by turning the handle counter clockwise approximately 5 times until the door is released and access is granted to the inside.
  • Repairs (although not needed very often) are performed at n/c by the bottler and a usual quick response time of 24-48 hours is standard.
  • Machines are easy to fill and it is very self explanatory as each product has its own dedicated "bin".
  • The changer holds approximately $50 in quarters, dimes and nickels, and once full it deposits thechange directly in the coin box, located under the changer.
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