Soda Routes Locations

Here at Soda Routes USA, we make sure to provide you with only the best locations that are sure to be successful. Your locations might include:

We are also able to work around your existing schedule by targeting locations that can be serviced evenings and weekends for those of you with restrictions on when you can service your route. Just let us know your situation and we will do our best to work within the parameters of your request.

We will target locations with as many as 50 employees to try and secure the best possible locations. Several factors figure into which locations we sign up. Employees and/or foot traffic, machine accessibility, clientele, location enthusiasm, etc. We do not sign up locations where potential of high volume is not present.

You will receive a written 1 year location agreement with each of your locations that will have an "audio acceptance attachment" from the contact at the location. Each location agreement will be emailed to you as they are acquired.

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Snack machines will sometimes be requested at larger locations and the option of purchasing/providing snacks to your accounts will be presented to you. Snack machines will range from $1,500 to $2,500 depending on the age and model.

Increased revenues are achieved by providing both soda and snack machines. Products for your snack machines can be purchased at your local wholesale club (Sam's, Costco, B.J.'s, etc.). You will keep around 50% of all the money you pull from your snack machines.

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