Soda Routes Training

We welcome new clients to fly or drive in to the Kansas City area and meet personally with us where you will receive hands on training from one of our past clients. The cost of your airfare will be credited towards your purchase and will come directly off of the price of your new route. Training will include how to stock your machines, data retrieval and general familiarization with the workings of a soft drink vending machine. If the timing is right, there may even be an install performed while you are visiting for training. If you are unavailable to travel to receive your training, we will occasionally send a representative to your area to meet you on the day of your first installs.

You will be given access to the Soda Routes USA network of experienced personnel who will help you establish your route from start to finish. From Tracy in bottler account acquisition, Mike in daily operations, to Ronnie in location procurement, you will be in good hands with these highly trained individuals or other individuals assigned to you.

We also will supply you with a very informative video* on how to service your equipment which was made by one of our many satisfied customers. The video touches on items as simple as opening/locking your equipment to changing prices, changing products, filling the first time, retrieval of past sales from the control panel, where to collect your change and dollar bills, cleaning your machines, etc. Most new customers find this video to be very informative and can usually service their equipment after reviewing a couple of times. The link to this information will be provided to you after your purchase.

You will also receive ongoing support via email and phone. One of our representatives will be assigned to you and this person will work in close contact with you from day 1 until you are comfortable in servicing and operating your new route.

Since your equipment is usually brand new, training becomes simplified as a new, state of the art, soft drink machine is very simple to operate. In case of a repair that you or your assigned rep cannot resolve, you would simply call the provided 800 number and a trained technician from your local bottler will be dispatched to perform the repair at no charge. These repairs are usually performed within 24 hours of them receiving the call.

*Photos on the right were taken from actual training video.

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